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Steak n’ Cheese

Andy Reid is back in Philly tonight, after coaching there for 13+ seasons, as the HC of the KC Chiefs.  The Chiefs are of to their first 2-0 start since 2010, and are currently the best red zone team in the league (5-for-5, all TDs) and the only one left without a turnover.  Their defense isn’t half bad either (as long as the super duper safety Eric Berry stays healthy).

We also have the Eagles Over trend which I’ve hit the last two weeks.  Between them running 85-90 plays a game, and their atrocious defense (they and the Chargers last week put on a “How NOT to tackle” clinic), this lines up to be another night to take the over straight up, yes?

I say no.  I will say, despite me betting against the Chargers this year, Mike McCoy runs a great gameplan (once he gets his guys in there, this team will do better….but in a year or two).  The Chargers possessed the ball last week for more than 3/5ths of the game; this, IMO, is how you have to beat the Eagles’ attack….possess the ball and give your defense some rest (the Chargers are so bad on defense it didn’t matter anyways as our over hit, but KC defense is better than SD).  You know a motivated Reid knows the blueprint (and the horses to do so with RB Jamal Charles).  Also, playing a short week this week….and from experience……these games tend to be AWFUL football.  The players are tired, the coaches don’t have enough time to prepare, all while the NFL laughs all the way to the bank.  Too bad we are such degenerate gamblers in this country, we can’t help but still not watch (and still bet the over in some capacity).

That’s why I like the tease here: KC to +9.5 and and Over to 44 (-110).  These teams play close games, and someone winning 24-20 is a definite possibility (bets saved are bets earned).  I just hope Vick doesn’t get hurt (but he probably will).

New York Giants +1 (at Carolina, -105)

Giants need a win after going 0-2, and despite their crappy defensive play and Eli turning it over like a omelet, they’ve averaged scoring 27.5 pts/game.  Carolina has lost two gut wrenching games, their offense can’t score TDs, and they make dumb penalties at the worst times……thanks to their shitty coach Ron Rivera (who gets fired first, him or Schiano?).    Coughlin will get these guys motivated to win.  We’ll take the points (and its now to a pick’em).

Vikings -7 (+105)

Vikings are also desperate at 0-2 in their home opener, losing two close games in their early weeks.  The Browns just traded away their best player (RB Trent Richardson) to the Colts for a 1st round pick next year (GREAT trade for Browns, IMO…..and they might also go 0-16 and get the 1st round pick!  The bang-bang!*), Ohio native and MSU alum Brian Hoyer (former backup for the Pats) is starting at QB, and the Browns signed 40 year old Willis McGahee (I picked him up in all of my leagues, I admit it).  We’re getting juice, although the QB we are betting on isn’t that much better……but Ponder’s Home/Road splits are night and day.  And the Vikings have AP.  We’ll give the points and #andwearegambling

*Cleveland plays the Jaguars on December 1st, and it could be the first time we had an negative undefeated (a positive way to say, “no wins”) toilet bowl this deep into a season since the 0-9 Patriots played the 0-8 Colts in 1990.  I’m giddy at the thought of this being a pick’em.

Lions/Washington R.G. Threes Over (whatever it is)

It’s off the board because Bush is (probably) not going to play,  but Joique Bell has been a “steady” RB sleeper in fantasy as he’d played in nearly half the snaps in the games as the backup (also picks up the blitz better. That equals playing time).  These teams can both move the ball, make big plays as well as give up big plays.  Add a motivated Robert Griffin III….. probably the game of the day, here.

I have have the urge to be a huge degen and take the Seahawks -19 vs Jacksonville at home…….but I’ll probably still tease it with something like Denver because I just can’t stop betting.  We’ll see how the day goes.

Extra Credit – UFC:

John “The Bull” Makdessi – 225
Renan Barao vs Eddie Wineland – Will the fight go the distance?+250


A New Season

As the 2013 NFL season approaches, it’s a clean slate for everybody.  You know, like when a coach calls a timeout before an opposing FG….and the kicker misses the FG.

I have various future action this year:

Cincinnati (+215, now to +200) to win AFC North

I’m counting on a Lewis-less Baltimore decline (also, their slot WR and backup tight end combing age would be eligible for  Medicare), a depth deprived Steelers team (with no offensive line), and the poor Browns to contribute to one of the weaker divisions of the year.  I believe Cincy, on paper: has the NFLs 2nd best defense (behind Seattle), unique weapons on the outside in Gresham and AJ Green (the second best WR in the NFL) and they are deep in the RB department.    Their second half schedule is SUPER weak too.  They might start the year 2-3 or 1-4 and finish 11-5.

Chargers Under 7.5 (-125)

Fuck Philip Rivers.  That is all.

Here’s also some random UFC action tonight (hint: bet fighters FROM Brazil fighting IN BRAZIL vs fighters who AREN’T); I’ll post my NFL picks later in the week

Marcos Vinicius + 275
Rafael “Sapo” Natal -190
Glover Teixiera -450 (He’s won 19 in a row, and needs one more win for a title shot vs Jon Jones).

The SuperPowers: Mayock and Johnson do the 1994 Grey Cup

Amazing stuff here; Gus mus love him a rouge.

Mayock and Johnson 1994 Grey Cup

Things we’re rooting for:

The Heat to lose Game 6 so I can bet my BR on them in Game 7.

Bruins first to score in Game 1 on the EDF vs Pittsburgh (+110)

Thiago Silva +170 vs Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante on UFC on FUEL TV 10

UFC Plays

From Eric Foster

Fitch -400

Kongo +185

2009 NFL Week 7 & UFC 104 Picks

Short on time this weekend…UFC picks that you should follow if you can get a comparable price are here.


San Francisco @ Houston -3
NY Jets @ Oakland +6
New Orleans @ Miami +7

UFC 102

Official writer whose UFC picks we blindly follow Eric Foster has his picks up for UFC 102. His writeups are excellent, as is his record and I do what he says each month, assuming the line hasn’t moved too much by then.