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Week 2 NFL

Miami @ LA Chargers Over 46

NE @ New Orleans Over 56

Philadelphia +6 -125

Pittsburgh -9 (EVEN)

Parlay +101
Oakland Raiders-1000 ML
Seattle Seahawks-1000 ML
Carolina Panthers-280 ML
Pittsburgh Steelers-450 ML

TEASER +130:

New England -7
Carolina -7
Pittsburgh -9

Hilton Contest Picks Week 2

Texans +6.5
Jaguars +2.5
Colts +7
Steelers -5.5
49ers +14

Survivor: Raiders

Season: 4-1-0, 1-0

NFL Week 1

Cleveland +10

Betting more against Big Ben’s torrid numbers on the road as supposed to how good of a chance Cleveland has to keep it close.

Baltimore +3

Both of these teams, Ravens and Bengals, stink

Philadelphia -1

The Washington Football team stinks and Philly should be pretty good this year

SD/Denver Over 43

NYG vs DAL Over 49

TEASER +120:

Carolina -6
Houston -6
SD/Denver Over 43


Hilton Contest Picks Week 1

Bears +6.5
Browns +8.5
Jaguars +5
Vikings -3
Washington -1

Survivor Pick: Bills

YTD 0-0


2017 NFL Over Unders – Lou

My 5 vs. Pat. Most of these were discussed on this week’s podcast w/ Sean

5) Chicago Over 5.5
4) Chargers Over 7.5
3) Rams Over 5.5
2) Raiders Under 10
1) Bungles Under 8.5

CFL Week 11 and 2017 NFL Preview Podcast!

First of all, it’s that time of year for Lou and I to give our preseason NFL thoughts! We don’t give a Super Bowl pick this year because who the fuck knows, right? (Well, the Pats should win it all…….). We also give the Week 1 leans we have this week (and I’ll post my picks later in the week).

And here are my CFL and CFL DFS leans for the week:

MTL/BC Under 50 (-110)


EDM +6.5 and OTT/HAM Over 53.5

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Mayweather vs McGregor

The shitshow is finally here. I wish I could bet the over on when the fight actually starts……these things usually take forever to actually start it probably goes past 11:30pm on the East Coast.

As for the fight itself……as much as these two say they will try and KO each other like savages….I think both will actually cancel each other out for a bit while they figure out each other’s patterns. Floyd is older but wiser, and I think he’ll dance and hold and stall for the first 4 rounds at least, and try to see how Conor handles “deep water”. I think this fight will go the same way Hatton vs Floyd did, minus the possibility of a KO because Conor is a better athlete than Hatton and Floyd doesn’t have the power that he did in 2006 at age 40. And considering Floyd Round Overs have made money for us (and hopefully for you!), I am gonna stay with that plan.

So what I like for tonight:

Mayweather vs McGregor Over Rounds 9.5 +140

And as for the pick:

Mayweather -450

I just don’t think Floyd loses a decision in Vegas, even if Conor knocks him down. I can also see Conor quitting on the stool or maybe getting caught in the 11th or 12th round…and since he hasn’t even been in a boxing match before, it’s why I am apprehensive to take the distance prop at +215. But Floyd is so technical and does such a great job of staying out of the way of punches (there will be some great swing and miss gifs for this fight), I just don’t see these guys having this all out slug fest. Maybe a “hug fest” perhaps, as both Conor and Floyd will want to stay out of “hook” range and use the clinch to catch breath and slow things down.

As for 3 hedge props:

Conor McGregor wins in first 2 rounds +700
Conor McGregor wins in 3-4 rounds +700
Floyd Mayweather wins in 11-12 rounds +1200

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CFL Week 8

BC Lions -2 (-105)

A rare back-to-back game in football! They beat Saskatchewan 30-15 last week and I think they also take care of business this time around, as in one thing watch the Roughriders, who I took last week, is that they are a very talented yet young team that is mistake prone. The juice is favorable so we’ll go with the Lions here.


OTT +1.5 and WPG/HAM Over 60 (-125)


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CFL Week 7

Roughriders +6.5 (-115)

TEASER: Roughriders +6.5 and HAM/EDM Over 56*

*I might take the over straight up in this one, but I am wary of the Ti-Cats (my preseason East winner pick #noose) as they have the honour of being the only team to score only 1 fucking point in a 60-1 loss to Calgary a few weeks ago. And yes, I had the over (63) in that game. Not bitter, tho.

Here’s my CFL DFS lineup this week; massively tilted I cannot select RB LaDarius Perkins on Edmonton who is not loaded into DraftKings as of yet. The Eskimos are 5-0 despite losing 3 RBs, their kicker, and long snapper to season ending injuries!

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CFL Week 4

First off, I was a guest on buffaloholdem’s podcast, “Bet Like No One’s Watching”. We talk DFS, CFL, Bez Sizing, and more!

CFL Week 4 Picks:

Hamilton +3

Hamilton has been the worst team so far this CFL season, but they finally come home after a disastrous 2 game road trip to face the BC Lions, who are on Game 3 of a 3 game road trip. The Lions are a good team, but not great, especially on offense where they tend to sputter at times (mostly thanks to QB Jennings’ indecision with the ball) and keep teams in games (like Montreal last week). I expect them to keep this one close as they really need a W or things could really fly off the rails for the team I picked to win the East this year.

TEASER: Montreal/Calgary Over 48.5 and Ottawa +5


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