Nothing yesterday though Charlotte covered and Nashville lost for anyone who played.  Hockey has Dallas, Columbus and Anaheim on the shortlist for today with Minnesota in NBA showing up as well.  I have OSU to win the East at +1100 for my only NCAA action which is not looking very good at the moment.

Season update on NHL is 27-21 +15.31

UPDATE: Here’s a nominee for the I Don’t Give a Shit Award.

Bernard Tomic’s comeback from hip surgery did not last long.

In fact, it did not even last as long as the previous shortest completed match in ATP history.

Tomic lost to Jarkko Nieminen 6-1, 6-0 in 28 minutes and 20 seconds during first-round action at the Sony Open Tennis tournament in Miami on Thursday afternoon. The 21-year-old Australian won one point in the first five games, three points in the first set, and 13 points in total.

We’ll refrain from pointing out the obvious things like how it’s no longer possible to “fix” a tennis match anymore via withdrawal so we’re left with this sort of “performance” which really could have been turned in by anyone with both a tennis racket and a drinking problem.  If Tomic was injured or re-injured himself, why not just withdraw from the match?  We make lots of jokes about failure here, but it’s really not anywhere near as much fun when the people involved don’t even pretend to try.

UPDATE 2: I am taking Pat’s action on Philly as I would be strongly considering taking Dallas tonight otherwise, despite them playing an out of conference game.  One confirmed play tonight: Anaheim +145 @ Los Angeles.  The other game we are watching as mentioned earlier is Columbus and it’s very, very close and will be a GTD.

UPDATE 3: Columbus +119