Chop Karma

So let’s all relive a recent situation I found myself in.  In my big pay league, there is a 100 dollar entry fee.  The prize breakdown is 400 given to the team that finishes first during the regular season, 100 given to the team that finishes second in the playoffs, and a cool half grand given to the first place playoff team.

Going into the final week, me and another kid were the only ones who could win the regular season.  By the end of the night Sunday, things were pretty close, but did not look good for me.  I was leading the kid I was playing by a bit but he had Rodgers and Driver going Monday night and I only had McGahee.  In the other match-up, it was a similar story, as the kid I needed to lose was only down by a few points and had Ray Rice, Flacco going.  The kid he was playing had the Packer D.

At that point, Lou reviewed my predicament and said something along the lines of, “you know, I bet he would still take a chop at this point if you offered it.”  I thought it over Sunday night and Monday morning decided to test the waters.  I sent him a message telling him to contact me if he was interested in “some sort of chop.”  At this exact moment, I now have CHOP KARMA in my favor.  I know that this kid is going to get the message, and if he either ignores it, or refuses, chop karma swings dramatically in my favor.  This is especially the case given the fact that he was odds-on to take the title down.

Our villain, though, is a crafty one.  Apparently realizing the full implications of such a decision, he almost immediately contacts me noting his desire to work out a chop.  I proposed two primary chops.  250-150 or 300-100, the winner of the reg season getting more money.  I personally preferred the 300-100, but he pushed for the 250-150.  Now, if I had been a prick and insisted on 300-100, chop karma would have swung 180 degrees away from the direction it had been a short while ago and slammed directly in my opponent’s favor, with him easily winning the title.  Knowing this, I of course had to accept the 250-150 proposal or I would have lost in a crushing defeat.  Accepting the 250-150 chop was the only chance I had that the football players I had never met on my team would score more points than the football players I had never met on my opponent’s team.

And so it came to pass.  Flacco threw three interceptions (obviously all to the Packer D), and I wound up winning the regular season by four points.  I hated to do this to Flacco, but I’m pretty poor at the moment and needed some money.


Arizona @ San Fran (under 44.5)

When it comes to over/unders I am a proponent of looking at what type of game style the home team likes to get involved in, and while the 49ers can get frisky with the Smith-Davis combo, I think in his heart, Singletary is a low-scoring, defensive minded type of guy.

Buffalo @ Kansas City (over 37.5)

Two weak defenses and a couple of offenses with a ton of guys who have something to prove.  I definitely like the over here.

Green Bay (-3) @ Chicago

The problem with this line is that the Pack are like -125 or something.  Felt obliged to throw a third pick in, let’s see if I can come across something better in the next couple days.

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  1. Meant to ask you about what happened…we should build an EV chart and see how likely you were to win.

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