Thursday Links

Still on tilt from soccer yesterday thanks to Finland failing and Chile conspiring to lose after tying the game and being up an extra man. -7.32 units yesterday, -3.32 since this site started.

My favorite sentence from the writeups:

It was the product of a collective lack of focus at a moment when too many Finnish players apparently thought the match was won.
In classical terms, hubris was followed smartly by nemesis.

Live & learn. My real job is my latest excuse for the lack of over/unders being posted. No play for me on either PIT or TEN this year. Onto the links:

See Cover, Miracle.

Maybe some state other than Delaware will try and legalize sports betting now?

I take back what I said about the Bills & Jauron being slightly competent. They are definitely not.

Why Eric Mangini is limited as a head coach.

Simmons on the still unsigned Michael Crabtree (sidebar, near the end). Best analogy ever.

Week 1 injury report here.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Links”

  1. When will states realize that the gambling dollar has become more and more of a part of the consumer landscape? Britain has realized this for years, and even outsourced their gambling via the various sportsbooks, internet poker, or even cable-run poker clients via television (Sky poker), available in the UK. The gambling revenue from taxes collected on the rake and bets (some of which you can make at kiosks in the middle of London) also help pay for their national health care plan. They get more volume as well b/c when you gamble, you are essentially buying a product of chance. People would feel more comfortable betting on something they have knowledge of; and probably feel like they have more a chance of winning money betting some something their passionate about (soccer/cricket) rather than throwing their money into the wind (lottery/keno) hoping they ship.

    Just like how I shop for best prices on HDTVs, the consumers who gamble with the state should have more options on what to spend their gambling dollar on. The people of Montana have spoken they would rather play a Keno-based version on fantasy football (betting on certain players to score a TD, the odds get longer with more players you pick) than placing money on some dog who is only good at being fast b/c he’s malnourished.

    The fact that people still play the lottery, keno, and horse betting (terrible odds you could ever get, see Barry Greenstein’s Ace on the River chapter on the subject) shows that the U.S. not only has the most degenerates, but also the dumbest.

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