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Week 6 NFL

New England vs New York Over 47.5 (-110)

No Stephon Gilmore on a Pats defense already reeling. I think even the Jets can score 20-24 today. Pats get Gronk back so offense should return to normal after soft performance last week in Tampa.

Arizona +2

Dunno why Tampa favored on the road here. This should be a pick em or Arizona -1 IMO

Giants vs Broncos Over 38.5 (-115)

This is more of a math play. Both offenses terrible but watch randomness happen. And defensive TDs

Minnesota +3.5

80% of the money on Green Bay

Teaser +125

Detroit +4
Arizona +2
Pats -10


Hilton Contest Picks Week 6

Vikings +3
Giants +11.5
Cardinals +2.5
Jets +9
Colts +6.5

Survivor: Out

Last Week: 2-2-1
Season: 16-8-1, 4-1

NFL Plays

Good day yesterday, let’s see if we can keep it rolling.  I’ll update with any last second action.

Ravens/Raiders Over 40 -105

The Ravens are due for some positivity on offense, and the Raiders’ secondary is just mediocre enough that I think Flacco will have a good day.  EJ Manuel was actually moving the team a bit after Carr went down.


Week 5 NFL

Seattle vs LA Rams Under 48 (-110)

This game was 9-6 last year. The LA heat effects the cardio of the game, methinks as well

Buffalo +3 (-120)

How is Cincinnati favored over anybody right now?

Baltimore +130

How is E.J. Manuel favored over anybody right now?

Steelers vs Jags Over 42.5

Big Ben plays better at home, and the Jags have given up big run plays this year. Add in Bortles junk stats when they are down 21 in the 4th.

TEASER (+125):

Ravens +3

Buffalo +3

Steelers -7


Hilton Contest Picks Week 5

Picking the entire week on Thursday is difficult, as is this week’s entire schedule.

Bungles -3
Panthers +2.5
Bears +3
Texans PK
Rams -1

Survivor: Pittsburgh

Last Week: 2-3-0
Season: 14-6-0, 4-0

NFL Week 4

To be honest, a real crappy week of games. I don’t really love anything (still gonna bet though #degen). Although I refuse to bet on Jags vs Jets….that’s when you know you have a serious gambling problem.

I couldn’t even find a 3 team teaser this week, the games are that shitty!

Philadelphia +1 (-105)

The Chargers might kind of stink. Philips Rivers is starting to get tilty. Both of these teams will try and lose the game. It should be fun.

Steelers at Ravens Under 42 (-110)

Both teams are coming off a loss vs shitty teams last week. Both teams hate each other in the NFL’s most physical rivalry. The Over/Under for personal fouls set at 1.5. This should be a rock fight.

New England vs Carolina Over 49 (-110)


New England’s combination of great offense (avg 33 points per game) and worst defense (on pace to break the all time record for yards allowed in a season) has enabled them to be 3-0-1 vs the Over so far this year. Carolina’s offense is struggling and will try to run the ball but I even think they’ll have success enough to score 17-20 points.

CFL Bonus:

Winnipeg ML +150

Weekend Plays

Not sure how many plays will happen this weekend.  ATM (At the moment) only have New Mexico St +17.5 @ Arkansas.  New Mexico St is surprisingly competent against the run, which is Arkansas’ preferred attack.  I will talk myself into some increasingly sketchy plays throughout the weekend, stay tuned.

UPDATE 1…Sketchy Bet Scale (4/10)

New Mexico St @ Arkansas Under 61.5 -116

This would be an absolutely legitimate, 1 out of 10 on the sketchy bet scale, if it wasn’t for our previous action.  Now to hit both bets we need something like 30-21.  Hence (4/10).  NMSt’s point totals this year are deceptive, both on offense and defense.

UPDATE 2…Sketchy Scale (2.5/10)

Bills +8 -108

Both NM St and the Under would have hit with “Just One Fucking Stop.”  JOFS may sound like a sabermetriccy, analytical deally.  “The Knicks are hitting under 40% on JOFS for the season.”  No.  It also sounds like it should be plural.  Again, no, it is very much a singular event.  JOFS is a favorite of Unders and Underdogs.  When Oklahoma St is favored by 47 over UAB, at some point, you are going to need JOFS.  We didnt get it yesterday.  I really like the Bills here.  ALL of the money is going on Atlanta and yet the line has gone down from 9.5 to 8.  The only slight drag is we didnt get it at the original spread.

UPDATE 3…Sketch Scale (3/10)

Lions @ Vikings -2.5 -108

Pretty normal bet, except we are not only banking on Case Keenum playing well, but doing it for the second week in a row.  Veteran journeymen usually are not the most consistent bunch.  They sign a deal, get thrown into action, and pull a couple games of Fitzmagic out of their ass here and there to earn another contract somewhere else.  Interesting to view the Lions’ mojo after losing in brutal fashion last week.

Hilton Contest Picks Week 4

Bears +7
Dolphins +3
Chargers -1.5
Bills +8
Panthers +9

Survivor: Seattle

Season: 12-3-0, 3-0

Week 3 NFL

7 home dogs this week!

Buffalo ML +150

I have folks in my stream loving the +3…..but Denver is a bit over rated in my view after getting two weeks of home cooking. Buffalo is quietly has started as one of the best defenses in the NFL. Trevor Siemian due to go back down to earth here and I think its more of a coin flip game than people realize. Also West Coast team playing a 1pm start.

Chicago +8 (-120)

Our rule: if Big Ben and the Steelers are more than 7 point favs in any game, its +EV to take the other team. Chicago coming off an ass kicking, both injury and score wise, in Week 2 vs Tampa….. but they are 1-0 ATS at home so far this year and I can see the Steelers fucking up on special teams or get a bout of the “3 and outs” for a quarter or two and keeping the inferior Bears hanging around.

Texans vs Patriots Over 44.5

I know the Texans’ offense stinks, but they will find plays versus Belichick’s soft zones which are designed to keep Watson in the pocket and prevent the big play. Patriots maybe banged up but they will always find a way to score 30+ at home, like they did in the playoff game last year. Also count on a Houston special teams fuckup in Foxboro, they do it every year.

Atlanta vs Detroit Under 51

Did you know the under has hit in 70% of the games so far this year? And that *3* teams have *0* fucking touchdowns? I expect this game to be a close affair between two teams who may see each other in the playoffs. Atlanta’s offense is different on the road than they are at home.

TEASER (+150):

Packers -8.5
Panthers -6
Indianapolis +1


Bellator MMA Bonus:

Larkin vs Daley Under 2.5 Rounds -115

These two motherfuckers hate each other. This fight wont be about just getting a “w”.

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Hilton Contest Picks Week 3

Bears +7
Bills +3
Chargers +3
Bengals +8.5
Washington +3

Survivor: Green Bay

Season: 8-2-0, 2-0