‘Miracle Cover’ Archive

Miracle Cover Sunday

If you ever read a story with the words, “Floyd Mayweather did well,” combined with, “Vegas bookmakers lost…” it probably holds true that Lou also lost money on the same events. Two last-second interceptions returned for touchdowns by the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals delivered million-dollar blows to Las Vegas sports books, including a $600,000 […]

Wonderful time of year

With hockey back in gear, baseball playoffs, and football abound…..wonderful time of year for gamblers and sports aficionados alike! Interesting spotted trend early in hockey by poker’s Daniel Negreanu: Expect more goals in the NHL this year since the rule change to goalie pad sizes. All the games last night went OVER. #goodforthegame — Daniel […]

Holiday Tease

Merry Christmas everybody!  Been away for a while as I had some login issues, traveled to Vegas, and was crowned a drinking champion along with Jaguars LB Eric Alexander.  I’ve also been logging my bets on: http://www.twitter.com/seanismoney Follow me there for daily bets, quips, and intelligent thoughts that are 160 characters or less. I’ve been […]

Thursday Links

The usual linkage including yet another Lady GaGa cover. As everyone reading this knows, Bills coach Dick Jauron was fired this week. The best explanation as to why came from ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook: Prior to kickoff [versus Tennessee], Rich Gannon of CBS asked Dick “Cheerio, Chaps” Jauron what Buffalo worked on during the bye. Cheerio […]

NFL Week 10 Early Leans & Stats of the Week

First off, I’d like to show some love for Matt Stafford’s Miracle Cover. We might need to add this one to the definitions & examples page as Stafford’s first four picks just weren’t good enough for Seattle to cover. It took a 5th INT returned for a score with under 30 seconds remaining. Ignore the […]

NFL Week 8 Early Leans & Stats of the Week

Fun times on Sunday in two of the few competitive games of the day. Both New Orleans and Pittsburgh clinched miracle covers in the final two minutes of their games by returning an interception for a score. Pittsburgh’s cover was thanks to Minnesota’s Chester Taylor and Brett Favre. Favre didn’t look like he was having […]

Tennis Gambling

Story about how a surge of gambling went on during a WTA event when microphones picked up a father telling his 6th ranked daughter to retire due to injury.  There was commotion as gamblers used the info to bet live and heavily on the other girl, with many calling this unethical.  Random commenter on espn.com […]

Troy – Florida International (FIU) Miracle Cover

Apologies for missing this earlier in the week. From last Saturday and Troy was anywhere from an 8 to 9.5 point favorite: FIU had just attempted a 4th and goal and didn’t score, that’s where we pick up the action with Troy in the lead 42-27…… Troy ball at 1:37 left in 4th quarter 1st […]

Thursday Links

Why the Twins lost: It comes down to this: As a franchise, what do you aspire to be? If “world champion” is your answer, you cannot tolerate or coddle role players who botch bunts, run the bases poorly and miss signs or cutoff men — brainless mistakes that cost you runs, and games, especially against […]

Week 4 Rambling Drill

We almost had a miracle cover last week, but it was Jake Delhomme and the Panthers trying to cover the 6.5 as they drove down the field, trying for a meaningless touchdown late in their 21-7 loss to the Cowboys.  This was maybe one of the worst games, if not only the year, but also […]