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Friday Bets

Back on the hockey wagon today with Columbus +175 @ Pittsburgh.  We’ll see if Washington and/or the Islanders make it a two-play day.  There’s also a garbage college football game today that I won’t be betting on.  Updates later if at all.

UPDATE: Islanders +135 @ Ottawa

Still Here

Just with nothing to gamble on.  Going back  few days, not only did the Rams cover but they had 1st and goal with four chances to win the game and predictably failed on all four attempts.  I got cold feet after my Cardinals, Bills and Bucs forays and couldn’t bring myself to wager on yet another terrible football team with no QB.  This is why systems are good for you.

Speaking of systems, I tweaked mine for NHL and it keeps coming back with no plays.  This means I can’t lose anything, but it’s also very non-eventful.  Buffalo and Nashville are leans and not plays for me tonight.

Lastly, following along with Sean’s NBA picks, I took a couple of futures because I can’t help myself when it comes to a good season bet.  I have the Nets to win the Atlantic at -140 and Milwaukee over 28 wins at -123.

I am most likely passing on tonight’s shitty Thursday night NFL game, but the public is 4:1 on the Bungles so it’s Miami or nothing for me. I’ll probably play if the line makes it to 4 (it’s currently 3 -113).  Should be some games on Sunday as the public is loading up on some of these away teams.


NCAA Saturday

Loser in hockey again and even worse I misread my sheet and missed a +170 winner on the Islanders.  Hopefully it will get made up today…Again, the usual disclaimer, I have not and have no plans on watching any of these teams actually play.

Only 1 football game, Colorado +13

In the afternoon hockey game, Edmonton +145.  Jets and Rangers are on the short list for later tonight.

UPDATE: Rangers +170



Two losers yesterday.  Will try and do better today.  NHL Buffalo +125 


Short post again today.  Ottawa was an easy winner in hockey yesterday.  One play again today and it’s the terrible Rangers +130 @ the equally Terrible Flyers.  Another unentertaining sporting event that we are also gambling on is the NFL game tonight.  I was on the fence betting this game, but the line move to 7 has pulled me in.  Tampa +7 -110, fading the public on a home game per usual.  Nothing ridiculous doing on either game, just a standard 1u.



Hark!  A play!  Ottawa +130

I promise I really do have the baseball wrap up coming soon.  Preview: we finished on the plus side.



Phoenix was a 3-2 loser last night.  Nothing in hockey today.  Some NCAA underdog plays:

Colorado St +6 -106
Kansas +22 -106
New Mexico St +18 -102
3-4 -1.22 to date

Sad Friday

We came close to a miracle cover last night but Arizona was ultimately stopped on a late 4th down in a Seattle win.  It honestly looked and felt like a college game where one team was just more talented than the other.  3-1 on my abbreviated NFL season to date for +1.8 as I had the same action last night as I did on Oakland last week.

Edmonton was also a loser in hockey 3-2 as was Sean’s #Loustrong parlay.  One hockey game tonight, Phoenix +135

Thursday Night Crapball

The NFL wants to do another one of these Thursday games, and maybe even a West Coast 10pm game?

I guess the boys in New York enjoy setting money on fire (because if you’d take away one Sunday game – I guarantee you over time, a Sunday game will get more of a ratings share than BOTH of the Thursday Night games combined).

Television is still so bad however that TNF has beaten prime time network ratings 14-out-of-15 weeks (the only show to beat it was “Big Bang Theory”, which I still believe is a propaganda OP to get me to watch LESS television).

While I am not always a fan of the Sports Hub’s 98.5’s Michael Felger, he did keep it real when he said: (during the time of the lockouts of NFL/NHL): “its amazing how these guys seem to make boatloads of money….despite trying their best to get in their own way!”.

It’s an incredible level for sure to have a league, right after PBS’ documentary, “League of Denial” (about it the NFL’s corporate denial of concussions causing brain disease CTE), respond with a PR campaign along with throwing money at the problem to be “serious about player safety”…..only to do something that compromises that very goal (just to make “more money”).

This also goes for 18 game seasons: how the fuck am I going to bet on this shit when half the players on the teams’ playing are on the injured list?

Of course, the rumor could of been a “PR flyer” by the NFL (an organization releases a rumor to see if it would get positive/negative reaction, and then proceed to make a move based off of said reaction).  They’ve denied it:

As for the game tonight, I think it is actually toss up.  Seattle could blow them out, Arizona could make it a slugfest.  Arizona is currently +7 on Bovada (-140).  This will be the first of three straight games at home for the Cardinals, who will attempt to try to win their first divisional game of the 2013 NFL Season.  Seattle comes into town with the league’s second ranked defense and 10th ranked offense (which Lou has noted, is banged up).  Arizona’s defense is also good, and they have won 7-out-9 at home versus Seattle (in which the under has hit in the last four games, due to the classic division-style, “slobberknocker” games).  These style of games are so fucking awful to watch on television.  The NE Patriots v NY Jets Week 2 game was maybe one of the worst sporting events I have ever attended (although it won’t beat a shitty NBA game)…..and I root for one of the teams.

I then, in the spirit of craptastic football, like the under 41 (-110) tonight between these two uninspiring football teams on this inspiring day of the week (although both teams do make, and give up, spectacular plays).

I’m also doing a $5-for-$30 parlay special, inspired by Lou with both Edmonton +130 and Arizona +200.   Let’s add the over in the Edmonton/NY Islanders game at 6 (EVEN) as well, since I am so far up 2 units on the trend of higher goal scoring (maybe due to less goalie pads as I have noted in a previous post).

Tweet of the Week:



That’s the sound of a truck backing up to dump piles of smelly American dollars on what should be a craptastic Thursday night football game in Arizona where the Cardinals are hosting Seattle.  Arizona is down to +5.5 in some places so make sure to get your plays in at 6 if at all possible.  I already took 6.5 earlier in the week.  Public is around 70% on Seattle even though their entire offense at the moment consists of a banged up Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson running around.

We’re not betting a house like mentioned in last’week posting especially not at only 5.5, but a truck at 6 or 6.5 seems like the right amount.

In other news, I’ve been backtesting an NHL system that seems promising so that’s going to start tonight.  Like baseball, every bet is 1u with the idea that they’ll add up to more than they started with at the end of the season.  Unlike baseball, this system is road team focused so we’ll see how that goes.

Lastly, good job Sean on the over yesterday.


Plays tonight:  Arizona +6.5 and +225.  Pinnacle has the line down to 4 from 6 this morning.  Someone’s truck who is a lot bigger than mine is also backing up to Arizona here.

In hockey, Edmonton +135