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MLB Playoffs Phase 2

Now that the Wild Card is passed us, here are some of my preliminary thoughts for MLB Series prices and a lean for tomorrow.

Toronto vs Texas Goes to 5 Games +130

This is going to be a really fun series. During last year’s epic ALDS tilt: Toronto fans threw beer at a baby, Jose Batista had the best bat flip after a HR in history, and there were a number of bench clearing moments during in what I think is the best Bottom of the 7th in the history of baseball. This year had the sports fight of the year between Jose Batista and Rougned Odor. This thing has to go 5; the baseball gods dictate it.

Chicago Cubs -260

Thanks to SF winning the NL WIld Card play-in last night, we now start hedging our SF Giants to win the NL at +650 (now at +300). The Giants have slightly better pitching than the Cubs, the prohibitive favorite to win the whole thing (+240; +115 to win the NL). I think the Cubs take this in 4 because Bumgarner, the best pitcher in the series, is slated to pitch only one game (unless it goes 5) and the Giants lineup stinks. This price settles in around -260 online, while -280 live as the Cub money pours in from Chicago fans who love to chase history while making a profit. Home field, a decent bullpen/manager, and a great lineup should see the Cubs through to the NLCS #reversejinx

And a lean for tomorrow:

LA Dodgers @ Washington Over 6 (-105)

It’s Scherzer vs Kershaw, but both lineups are pretty good, the bullpens pretty “meh”, and I am more betting that Clayton Kershaw pukes all over himself in a playoff game again.

MLB 2016 Postseason early leans

Tor vs BAL Under 8.5 (-115)

NYM vs SF Under 6 (-115)

SF Giants to win NL +650

And for those of you curious (and you know who you are), a Red Sox vs Cubs WOrld Series parlay is +600. I put a fiver down for shits and giggles, but the only reason I didn’t seriously take it is because one team has a shoddy closer and the other has a shoddy history.

A Line of Interest

I am not touching the game, but an interesting line tonight from baseball.

Texas Rangers (+177) vs NYY (-193)

I understand Tanaka is a better pitcher than Nick Martinez.  I understand the Yankees are playing at home.  What I do NOT understand is how this line is so high.  America doesn’t understand either…

06/29/16 Make Pick

963 Texas 8½o-115 1.5(-120) 170 o 9.0 (-120) 3256 49% 63% 41%
7:05PM 964 New York Yankees -200/+170 -1.5(100) -195 u 9.0 (100) 51% 37% 59%

The 63% refers to people betting the Rangers ML.  And I dont want to hear, “people are betting value.”  Garbage, people are not bright.   A line of interest indeed.


Now THAT is a bad beat for America.  Vegas knows!  The fix is in!

MLB Play(s)

We are on a run.  Let’s keep it going…


Scoopy Snacks

Scooped yesterday.  I will figure out my bank at some point.

PIRATES -135 @ 16

MLB Plays

Yada, yada, ball of suck…

ALL @ 16

D’BACKS +103
CLE/HOU Under 8.5 -106
PADRES (+1.5 +110)

MLB Plays

People need to start paying attention to my baseball plays.  Fading my action so far has been the best quick rich scheme to not involve a Wilpon in ages.  Let’s start winning some.

All @ 16

REDS +106
PADRES (+1.5 +101)
A’s +118
BREWERS (+1.5 +112)
BANK : -70.52

MLB and a Horsey

Riding the anti-Oriole Express tonight.  Have Jesse Hahn @ +112 @ 15.  I’ll update my pathetic bank at some point.  Have 3 bucks on Lani for Kentucky…

MLB Play

Broke even last night, neither Rays or O’s hit for shit for Baltimore got the big bop.

My boy Bassitt, see what he can do.

Oakland +121 @ 12

Bank : -55.52

ZOMG a winner

Not so much a winner, but a bet against a loser.  Whenever possible over the next week or so the play is against Baltimore.  Their whole team is struggling to hit at the moment, Trumbo and Machado most importantly.  We will also be banking on the consistent quality of Nick Tropeano over the human coin flip that is Chris Young.


RAYS -129 @ 16

ANGELS -117 @ 16

BANK : -53.20