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MLB Play(s)

We are on a run.  Let’s keep it going…


Scoopy Snacks

Scooped yesterday.  I will figure out my bank at some point.

PIRATES -135 @ 16

MLB Plays

Yada, yada, ball of suck…

ALL @ 16

D’BACKS +103
CLE/HOU Under 8.5 -106
PADRES (+1.5 +110)

MLB Plays

People need to start paying attention to my baseball plays.  Fading my action so far has been the best quick rich scheme to not involve a Wilpon in ages.  Let’s start winning some.

All @ 16

REDS +106
PADRES (+1.5 +101)
A’s +118
BREWERS (+1.5 +112)
BANK : -70.52

MLB and a Horsey

Riding the anti-Oriole Express tonight.  Have Jesse Hahn @ +112 @ 15.  I’ll update my pathetic bank at some point.  Have 3 bucks on Lani for Kentucky…

MLB Play

Broke even last night, neither Rays or O’s hit for shit for Baltimore got the big bop.

My boy Bassitt, see what he can do.

Oakland +121 @ 12

Bank : -55.52

ZOMG a winner

Not so much a winner, but a bet against a loser.  Whenever possible over the next week or so the play is against Baltimore.  Their whole team is struggling to hit at the moment, Trumbo and Machado most importantly.  We will also be banking on the consistent quality of Nick Tropeano over the human coin flip that is Chris Young.


RAYS -129 @ 16

ANGELS -117 @ 16

BANK : -53.20

MLB Play(s)

I tell you, it’s super easy to figure out your bank when you only lose bets.  None of that fancy parlay calculator business needed around here.  Just a good ol’ fashioned subtraction button, please and thank you.  Side note, the ML for the Rays tonight is about -125, but there run line is like (-1.5 +170).  I could be wrong but this appears way out of whack.  For comparison, some similar MLs with their run line

PIT (-128) (-1.5 +132)

CWS (-115) (-1.5 +142)

NYY (-119) (-1.5 +138)

KC (-122) (-1.5 +134)

It would seem that Vegas is saying, Tampa may win tonight, in fact they probably will, but there is no way in Hell they are winning by more than a run.  I could be misreading things but I think thats right.

Rays -125 @ 16

BANK : -$66

MLB Plays

We lose on Friday when Brian McCann hits one of probably 3 home runs he will hit this year off a lefty.  Plenty more action where that came from.  All plays @ 18.  Good luck out there.

Phillies -104
D’Backs -109
Cle/Det Under 8.5 -123
BANK : -$12

MLB Play

Just getting my feet wet.  We will start a new bank @ 0 and see how we do.

Rays -108 @ 12

Bank : $0