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Over? Under?? I hardly know her!!

Going to save comment on these until making picks in about a week.  Detroit and Philly are no-shows at the moment… Arizona Diamondbacks 72.5 Atlanta Braves 73.5 Baltimore Orioles 82.5 (Over -127) Boston Red Sox 85.5 (Over -124) Chicago Cubs 82.5 (Over -127) Chicago White Sox 81.5 ( Over -125) Cincinnati Reds 78.5 (Under -149) […]

Just a quickie

Slightly random bet here that I am probably putting about 25% too much on. Di Maria to score today – Yes (+260) @ 16 Special thanks go out to my Irish brothers at Paddy Power (!) for the line.

Champions League

My apologies for negligence recently.  Action will be picking up greatly now… Chelsea to win CL +726 @ 7

1/18 – EPL and Championship Sunday

Our very fortunate day yesterday takes us to positive territory for the month.  I wholeheartedly agree with Louis that Indy and Seattle are the best options later today and likely those will be the picks here barring weird line movement.  For now… West Ham vs Hull City Under 2 and 2.5 (-104) @ 14 Do not […]

1/17 – Exacto Express…Toot Tooooot

Have talked about these before a few times.  These are some of the most fun, nerve-splintering, excruciating bets you can put yourself through.  You haven’t gambled until you have lived through a 2-2 exacto draw.  All plays @ 3. Aston 0 Liverpool 2 (+743) Burnley 2 Crystal Palace 1 (+912) Leicester 2 Stoke 1 (+922) […]


Looking like only one play at the moment.  You get the feeling that sports gambling was essentially invented for games like the one we are going to be taking tonight.  A few drunk guys looking at each other minutes before face-off, with one blurting out “if we don’t put money on this game I may get […]


Some last-second Premier plays.  Rebecca Lowe just said “this is how you do it” talking about Premier League Extra Time features.  A sign that these picks will win?  Undoubtedly. Swansea/West Ham Under 2.5 -102 @ 16 Leicester (pk and -.5) -113 @ 16 YTD : -19.21 MTD : -19.21 ****UPDATE**** Patriots -7 +103 @ 18 I am surprised […]

1/8 – This is Hockey Do It

Making a half dozen or so very vanilla (even by hockey standards) plays tonight.  Couple of slight faves, couple of slight dogs, and one substantial favorite for MLs, couple of unders on 5.5 lines.  Nothing revolutionary.  Let’s see what happens.  If I was sipping on something I’d probably tie these together in a 4 dollar parlay […]


Tough non-cover last night.  Utah is a somewhat fun, definitely young team that I think (along with the Detroit Pistons) will be good in about 2 years.  The problem they have now is their skill players just aren’t skilled enough and they lack a legit go-to scorer.  Where Carmelo Anthony is doing absolutely nothing in […]


I was essentially freerolling yesterday for the Alabama game as I had no business hitting the teaser-assisted under in the Oregon game. Atlanta Hawks @ Utah Jazz +4.5 -106 @ 19.  Utah is playing very well at the moment, playing at home, have had the last few days off, and are a home underdog.  We’ll see… […]