NFL Divisional Round 2017

1-3 last week ugh….so many coolers. But I got 3 out of the 4 winners right….so we are grouping well. Trust the process!!!!

Here are my picks this week, with my actual bets in BOLD

Philadelphia +3

I think this will be a close, 23-20 or 27-24 type of game. Philly has Nick Foles but Atlanta is notorious for keeping teams hanging around, especially on the road when they settle for FGs. Atlanta should win, but I don’t trust Dan Quinn enough to bet on him two weeks in a row.

New England -14

Did you know that since 2011, the Pats (5 divisional games, 300 minutes of football), have not trailed for a SINGLE minute in the divisional round, and have been only tied for around 13 minutes? That is nuts! I think the ESPN article questioning the Brady/Belichick/Karft relationship rallies the team this week, and Belichick (who knows where the bodies are buried) stomps on a Titans team who is young and aggressive but also lacking in the LB and CB depth needed to keep up with the Pats’ passing attack. I can also see Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead, who is back for this game, having good days catching the ball out of the backfield. It’s also going to be windy af this Saturday night in Foxboro, and that may affect Marcus Mariota’s passing accuracy. which isn’t great as it is.

Pittsburgh -7.5 (+105)

Wait, I get to bet against Blake Bortles in a playoff game *with* plus juice? Sign me up! I can’t take Blake Bortles in a playoff game, who *ran* for more yards than throwing last week…..even with the Jags top 3 defense. Just don’t do it….it’s a trap! I also think JuJu Smith-Schuster, whowasn’t really a part of the Steelers’ offense in their early season loss to the Jags, has a big game (along with LeVeon Bell) to offset the Antonio Brown injury. I predicted Pats vs Steelers in the AFC title game before the year, and I will stay pat on that.

Saints +4 (-EVEN)

The Vikings are notorious for choking in the playoffs, and the Saints are one of the more well rounded teams in football. I feel as if this line should be +2, not +4. Brees vs Keenum….I have to take Brees, even if the Vikes won Week 1. But yet again, the Saints team then, is different now (especially with the emergence of Kamara, and the Saints defense getting better each week).

TEASER +120:

Pats -14
Steelers -7.5
Eagles +3

Free money prop of the week:

Will a QB catch a pass in the Divisional Round? No @ -5000

Will there be an fake punt attempt in the Divisional Round? – No @ -300

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