Week 17 NFL and a Parlay

First, a parlay (with an NCAA bowl game) (+168):

New England Patriots -1600
Washington Redskins -155
Baltimore Ravens -500
Auburn -360

Now the Week 17 NFL picks:

Washington +3.5 (-110)

This is more of a hedge, if anything, against my season under on Washington (-7.5 wins). Otherwise, a nothing burger of a game involving two really shitty football teams.

Bears at Vikings Under 39.5

The under has hit in all of the Vikings’ home games where they were big favorites. They will be resting people most likely, and with the hapless Bears offense, this will resemble the first preseason game of the year.

SF +4.5

Rams are resting everybody. They might also unintentionally try and lose this game just so they can be in Philly’s bracket (Foles) over Minnesota’s.

I might also punt on UFC 219 this weekend, if I can find away to step away from the poker tables in Montreal.