Weekend Plays

Will post here with any football plays, frantically trying to go back in time and catch up on hockey and basketball.

Kansas St @ Kansas (+24 -106)

It is a depressing thought it is already Week 9 for College Football.  Waaaaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning of the season I noted how tempting Kansas’ season over looked @ 3.  Ultimately, it was a pass, based largely on analysis from Bill Connelly, who noted that the massive turnover Kansas was going to experience this year in their secondary was a giant, sprawling, waving in your face red flag re: defensive success.  Thankfully, we have steered clear of the Jayhawks, but this seems like a good match-up to take a chance on them.  Kansas St does not have one of the better aerial attacks in the Big-12, and 90% of the money is on the Wildcats.  Kansas seems due, let’s hope.