NCAA Plays

How about Sean going 3-0 on picks Last Week!  How about Lou well above .500 on his Hilton picks! How about me still trying!  Let’s make some bets

WKU @ UTEP +17.5 -110

Did you know W Kentucky led the NCAA in scoring last year?  They lost multiple impact skill position type guys and have not come close to matching their output.  UTEP has a groundcentric attack.  They have a guard Will Hernandez who is OBIN (One of the Best In the Nation).  UTEP controls the clock, keeps WKU’s not so high-flying attack in check, and maybe even pulls out the win outright.  Or they lose by 35.

Iowa St +31 -106 @ Oklahoma

Iowa St has a bunch of tall, athletic WRs.  Eaton and Lazard are the best of the bunch.  In my team notes for Oklahoma I have this entry for April 15th…”Thru transfers, grad, suspensions, injuries CB sitch thinnish.  *UPDATE* Lost a S (KOT), 2ndary takes another hit.”  I am too lazy to go back and see what the Hell “KOT” means…I mean, it sure sounds bad.  They also lost a CB named Parker (who started 8 games LY) for the season in the 1st week.  All of this hopefully translates to Iowa St putting up at least 21 points.

Fresno St @ San Jose St +17 -105

Can’t remember who it was but there was a decent team a few years ago who was getting way too much love from the public and their spreads were inflated in borderline Patriot fashion.  If they were favored by 12, the tagline would be, “I don’t care who they’re playing, they shouldn’t be 12 pt faves over anybody.”  The easy bet for a few weeks was to fade them against the spread not because they weren’t good, but because they weren’t that good.  San Jose St is awful, but Fresno St is no peach themselves.  This is strictly, 100%, a bet against Fresno St, who I believe isn’t 17 points better than just about anyone, a theory San Jose St is going to really test.