Stanley Cup Finals

Nashville +145

This started at +135 and now has gone to +145. I decided to jump in on this, as I am still kicking myself to not pick Nashville +1200 before the playoff to win (I did take them in the first round vs Chicago, +145). A few reasons why I like this play is that I feel, we are getting odds on what I think is a coinflip. While Pittsburgh may have more talent, and home ice (which isn’t as big as people think; ask any Bruins fan), Nashville comes in with the hotter goalie (Renne has actually had the 13th best run of any goaltender up to this point in the playoff modern era) and more rest, as Pittsburgh had to play 2 grueling 7 game series (while flopping goalies due to inconsistency) back to back while Nashville took care of business early and got rest. Defenseman P.K. Subban has really helped their powerplay, and I think that will give them another edge in this series.

Take Nashville, who somehow has an NHL team that is really good.

One more thought: these games tend to go under, and most of the time you’ll get a 5.5 O/U line with the average totals scored per game over the history of the Stanley Cup Final coming in at around 4.91 goals per game. The O/U is 21-39-7 since 2006. That being said, I’m taking the over 5.5 (+125) in Game 1 as I think guys will be nervous which means bouncing pucks and plenty of penalties and power plays. Then, as the series progresses, things will start to get tighter (and under).