Happy Election Day

I am on the way to North Carolina this afternoon to witness the election live from a semi-competitive state.  There’s really not a whole lot left to do as I have my entire bankroll down on 34 different bets.  I’m listing the important ones in terms of percentage wagered below.  Trying to get out of some of my Minnesota action and apply it elsewhere as there are better free money opportunities available.  My hope is that some of these will get called early and graded out so as to free up the funds to be immediately placed down again.

A few other updates:

I kept adding to Obama to win so the tally as of now has the bet at -182.  The books all have Obama around -350.

Added a small bet on Casey PA Senator at -605

I lied about not wanting more action on Wisconsin.  The prices dropped back down so I added some more at -300.

I’ve reloaded twice this election cycle and feel like I could still get a decent return if given a five figure bankroll and told to start right now.  Obama is obviously a value up to $7.25 or so, as are nearly all of the Senate races I have action on.  PA and Wisconsin still have good prices for Obama to win as well, and I’ll make a small gamble on Florida to go Obama if any more money frees up.

Here’s the summary I promised:

7.50% Obama Re-Elected
1.51% Romney 2%
6.55% Romney 3%
12.93% Romney 4%
18.47% Romney 5%
19.42% Romney 6%
6.26% Rep Pres + Senate Lose
10.30% Nelson (FL)
5.23% Warren (MA)
8.94% Brown (OH)
2.87% Whitehouse (RI)
6.17% Michigan
7.92% Minnesota (trying to free 2% here)
5.42% Pennsylvania
5.05% Wisconsin

Quite pleased with being able to spread the risk around a bit and will save the investing corollaries for another day.

EDIT (9:18):  Closed out of Minnesota for a miniscule gain and feeling frisky this morning.  Obama to win the popular vote at -156.

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