Holiday Tease

Merry Christmas everybody!  Been away for a while as I had some login issues, traveled to Vegas, and was crowned a drinking champion along with Jaguars LB Eric Alexander.  I’ve also been logging my bets on:

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I’ve been doing well this year, batting .695 for the year.  I was at .775, but I’ve been miracle covered the last few weeks (including The Debacle on a Thursday Night in Tennessee when the Titans scored a TD with NO time left to lose 30-28…….the last drive of that game deserves a column on its own).

Today’s tease: Miami Heat +7 and the Over for the Dallas/Cardinals game 39.   I finally have a reason to root for The Douche 3, as nothing trumps my disdain more for Lebron, than the Lakers.

I also took the Ravens @ -3.5 on Monday; I just don’t see them losing this game with so much on the line.  I’ll have more thoughts going into this Sunday about the Packers, and the Jets, who considering how there season has gone along with the foot-fetish news with Rex Ryan, are fans of the agony of victory, and the THRILL of defeat.

On a final note, I got some new games for the XBOX 360 today.   Just played some capture the flag with Chad Ochocinco on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

And as you all know, I have a great love for sports games, so I am really excited to start a season in this title below later:


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