Month: August 2010


1)  I do not have long term betting experience with soccer, but regardless, this week is the first time I have ever seen a soccer total goals scored line of 3.5.  And it seems pretty deserved with Chelsea v Stoke City.  This could honestly be Chelsea v X, Drogba looks flat out dominant at the moment.  He did not even put a goal in last week (three assists) and they still scored six goals.

2)  I have made two NFL bets with Louis.  I like one and am anxious about the other.  They are…

* Raiders win total (over 6 games) – This is actually the bet I like which should tell you something about the other bet we will talk about in a second.  The Raiders have not won 6 games in ages but I like their coach, their defense and that J Russell is no longer on board.  In my mind I win this bet 1/3 of the time and push it 45-50%.  But the next bet…

* Chiefs to win the division (10:1) – I am The House in this bet and I flat out do not like it.  The only things I hear about in this division are how many players on the Chargers are either hurt or holding out.  And if they do not dominate this group, I am in trouble, because there is a whole lot of generic nothing after them in the AFC West.  I figure I win this bet 80% of the time, which means I am getting a poor deal at 10:1.  Week 1 will be a HUGE indicator of how this bet will go as KC opens at home against the Chargers.

3)  There are three MLB future “to win World Series” bets that I like the value of.  They are…

* Red Sox 25-1

* White Sox 28-1

* Giants 20-1