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NBA Line

There is a chnace I read the line wrong last night but I am pretty sure the opening line on Cavs/Celtics was Celts -1.  The latest line is Cavs -2.5, meaning the line has moved 3.5 points in twelve hours.  Let’s see what happens.

Olympic Links

All Olympics, all the time. First, a fascinating look at scalping tickets at the winter games. Olympic ticketing has its set process. Organizers generally sell seats as far ahead of the Games as they can, slowly releasing batches for the premier events first — in order to maximize cash flow in the years leading up […]

Gambling Thoughts

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not really breaking new ground here.  Other day Louis was talking to me about the idea of creating a gambling program where someone could be exposed to an extrememly high number of past games with spread knowledge in a short amount of time to make them a better sport […]

Friday Links

Michael Vick is back in the news this week. From Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: I was encouraged to hear that Michael Vick, in advance of his reality show that debuts Tuesday on BET , is saying he led “a double life,” and I use the word “encouraged” advisedly. Because you don’t know how […]

2011 Super Bowl Odds

These were posted by Bodog this morning. Make of that what you will. Team Odds Indianapolis 6.5 San Diego 8 New England 10 New Orleans 10 Pittsburgh 11 Dallas 12 Green Bay 12 Minnesota 12 Philadelphia 16 Baltimore 20 NY Giants 20 NY Jets 25 Tennessee 25 Atlanta 30 Cincinnati 30 Arizona 35 Chicago 35 […]

Super Bowl Propping

Apologies for the lack of posting this week. Real life + being sick = light blogging. I’ll attempt to make up for it here by hopefully passing along some of the more appealing prop bets available from the literally hundreds available. Other sites have much more detailed analysis here and here. If you are participating […]

Rick J

I have been trying to find gambling blogs kind of like this one but I am not having too much success.  With that said, I came across this guy. He is by no means funny but he seems to have a pretty good record and know what the hell he’s talking about so check […]