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Will you complete my teaser?

So I have decided that I want to bet the under on the South Carolina/Tennessee game.  Its around 41 I think.  But I want to tease it and I really do not like any college games too much so I am going to do the game I played two weeks ago where I try to […]

Week 8 Rambling Drill

First, I must comment on the upcoming NBA season, which could turn out to be one of the most fun in memory.  I gotta say it’s been real fun betting against Mike Brown, as I took the Raptors +3 in their first home game versus the Cavs.  I really don’t gamble on NBA that much, […]

Thursday Links – Free Snuggie!

“The biggest things in life have been achieved by people who, at the start, we would have judged crazy. And yet if they had not had these crazy ideas the world would have been more stupid.” – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger may not have been referring to the Snuggie specifically in the quote above, […]

Redskin & Vegas Fail

In case you haven’t noticed, the Redskins have become the most entertaining team in football. The owner, Daniel Snyder, is widely reviled in Washington, and for good reason. He meddles, bullies, and trusts his own football judgment too much. John Kent Cooke, who ran the team before Snyder purchased it about a decade ago, remarked […]

NFL Week 8 Early Leans & Stats of the Week

Fun times on Sunday in two of the few competitive games of the day. Both New Orleans and Pittsburgh clinched miracle covers in the final two minutes of their games by returning an interception for a score. Pittsburgh’s cover was thanks to Minnesota’s Chester Taylor and Brett Favre. Favre didn’t look like he was having […]

2009 NFL Week 7 & UFC 104 Picks

Short on time this weekend…UFC picks that you should follow if you can get a comparable price are here. NFL San Francisco @ Houston -3 NY Jets @ Oakland +6 New Orleans @ Miami +7

Week 7 Rambling Drill

Didn’t get a chance to catch many games last week thanks to me and my buddy Greg going to that abortion of an effort the Titans put on Sunday in a 59-0 rout by my Pats.  The game, by far, had to be the worst weather I have ever seen a game in.  It, however, […]

Tennis Gambling

Story about how a surge of gambling went on during a WTA event when microphones picked up a father telling his 6th ranked daughter to retire due to injury.  There was commotion as gamblers used the info to bet live and heavily on the other girl, with many calling this unethical.  Random commenter on […]

Things you should probably like in Week 7

I think you have to like any situation right now where Minnesota is getting points, especially more than three.  On the other side, before the season started I would have said there was no way the Vikings would win over 11 games (in fact I bet on that) and there was hardly a chance the […]

Thursday Links

It’s not every day that I get to start off a post talking about whale penis. Apparently, someone thinks it’s comfortable. Some analysis of the unheralded Saints offensive line. Brett Favre – Tecmo Bowl Hero It turns out that yes, NBA players gamble during games. And some of them don’t want to pay up. How […]