UFC 102

Official writer whose UFC picks we blindly follow Eric Foster has his picks up for UFC 102. His writeups are excellent, as is his record and I do what he says each month, assuming the line hasn’t moved too much by then.


2 thoughts on “UFC 102”

  1. I love his analysis, although there is one bet I do differ on.

    I took Couture (-170) and Leben (-150) on oddsmaker…..but I still have to go with Maia at +130. Although Foster’s analysis was spot on in the sense that Marquardt is the most seasoned fighter ready for his style, I still think +130 it’s a great value bet for a guy who is undefeated. Both are hungry to be the #1 contender for Silva, esp Maia, a fellow Brazilian who dreams of submitting him. The only thing I worry about Marquardt is that he’s extremely fast striking, almost like a ninja…..but from what I have seen, if Maia gets you on the ground, it’s over. He has some of the best submission moves in the video game, too.

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